Search People Details by Username, Name, Phone number and Email

We’re in a new world where every piece of information counts, it doesn’t matter where you live in the US or what you search for as details about people, you may search for almost all of their contact information like mobile numbers, emails, and even social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

People search options

On this page, we recommend the best people search tools that you can count on. We tested them, and you may search for the information you may not see on Google or other sites.

3 search tools that work best in 2022

1. BV (biggest database of details)

Once you type basic details like a first and last name, phone number, email, or even a username of someone you want to search for, the tool scans its vast database of data and shows you a report that you can read online or download in PDF.

Here are a few examples of search reports about a person:

example of search report

You may search social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other sites, and that depends on many factors, but in general, users get what they need as details and even more than expected.

Search by username

The details that people may search with this sophisticated system are updated regularly thanks to the deep web scanning and database refreshes. In other words, you can use Google and Bing to search people’s social profiles and contact details, but you’ll not be able to get up to date information, and even if you prefer using traditional search engines like Google, you’ll need months to search a piece of information that’s dated years ago.

Instead of all that, this well-known tool lets you search by name, email, or a number and get updated details without the need to spend more than a few minutes on your account. Besides, all searches are confidential, so, no one can see you searched for them, and best of all, there is the customer support that you can contact for assistance.

What you may search with this tool?

In addition to the details you’re searching for, here is what might be included in the search reports :

  • Contact information: phone numbers, emails, or addresses
  • Social media profiles and accounts on other websites
  • Property records with deeds, values, and information
  • Personal details like education history, full name, associates, relatives, and age
  • Caller identification with spam score, name, and location
  • Criminal and court records
  • Vehicle records by VIN search, so you might get the car history with values, accidents, specifications, and owner information

Lots of people search for their missed relatives through this website. Moreover, it can be crucial in tough times like disasters where people lost family members or neighbors, and searching for their newly changed contact information or possibly where they live will be easier than anytime before.

Let’s suppose that you used to go to high school with a close friend, but after many years, you suspect he or she is missing somewhere in the United States, what you may try first, is searching by his full name and state, then, if that does not bring a result, switch the search by his old number or other details like username or maybe his last known home address, now, let the search system update the details and build a comprehensive background search report for you.

Once that’s done, you may search where that person lives and see contact details and social profile if he’s using social media or the Internet.

Compared to the monthly subscription that costs $22.86, the membership plan of 3 months costs $44.58, and it’s better and saves money, also, it includes background searches, background reports, and everything like the found information will be easy to read and even download.

2. NumberGuru

This is one of the most trusted reverse phone lookup tools in the USA.

To find out who’s behind a phone call, type their number in the search box. Next, Validate by clicking the “search” button, and wait for the system to scan the database and build the report. Then, browse the details and look for the information you’d like to discover like names, possible social profiles, and more.

3. PeopleLooker

This is another recommended people search site where users may search for their friends through names, emails, phone numbers, and of course, by typing their home addresses in the search box. Searching information about almost anyone is not that easy with Google, Bing, or other search engines such as DuckDuckGo or Yahoo, some type of personal information like the age is not that easy to detect by crawlers.

Using these trusted and premium tools should save lots of time. In a matter of minutes, users can sign up and start searching names to view the details with clear background search reports, which won’t be possible with Google or Facebook.