Best Ways to Catch a Cheating Wife

Dealing with a lady who cheated on her husband is not always a comfortable situation when someone spends his time searching and investigating, but what’s really important in all this is to find the truth and tell if she really cheated on you with another guy or it’s just a doubt.

Now, we’re in a world where people share a huge number of data no matter if they care about privacy issues or not, so, wives as others who use the Internet may have already exposed their personal information like phone numbers, contact details, and even the secret dating profiles they own, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to catch her cheating using advanced ways that she’ll never notice or even expect.

Catch her cheating even if she’s cleaver

We don’t like to list lots of tools and make you lost in choosing what work and what you should avoid, the following are the right ways to track a cheating woman and monitor her activities no matter where she goes and what she does online or offline. In addition, you’ll be able to see the hidden details you never knew about her, and that way, you’ll have the proof.

Use a cell phone tracking app

When talking about spying on your wife’s mobile phone through an app, many tools are there, and lots of guides talk about them here and there, but when things come to privacy and security, a few options work well. So, don’t just install any app on iPhone or Android and expect it to trace where your spouse goes and what she does on her Internet browser, Messenger, or other things on her device, any of those systems will cause more issues than offering solutions.

The only exception we found by testing is FlexiSpy, which’s a kind of mobile phone monitoring application that’s well-built especially for those who own iPhones with the latest iOS updates. Their advanced iOS tracking technologies solve many problems linked to the speed, performance, and security that other Android apps cause for millions of users.

Unlike other fake monitoring apps, this one can be installed remotely through iCloud or other options, you can talk to them directly and they’ll show you how to get inside your wife’s phone and Facebook chats and texts without any trace.

Catching a cheating wife on her cell phone starts by monitoring her activities, with whom she talks, what she sends such as photos and videos, and more. Besides, she may be using texting apps and chat platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, or iMessage to schedule dates with her boyfriend or anyone else. For that reason, it’s worth having a look at her call logs and texts that you’ll receive to your smartphone directly because you’re monitoring all that, in fact, this is one of the most-used apps to catch a cheating spouse in the USA.

The things you can do are the following:

  • You can record all her phone calls
  • See their text messages remotely
  • Listen to her in real-time
  • Remotely turning-On her phone camera anytime
  • Check her internet search history on browsers like Chrome and Safari
  • Get her social media accounts with details
  • Trace her in real-time with GPS localization or Wifi
  • See the apps she uses on her iPhone
  • Check their photos, videos, etc…

Lookup her details and find secret information

If you suspect that your wife is unfaithful and hides things, you can just use any of her personal contact details or even the name to find her hidden social media profiles and dating accounts at once. Here is how it works, just use one of the search engines for an online background check and type her full name in the search box, then, choose the state and let the tool scan millions of records and build a comprehensive background search report for you.

In a minute or two, the user can see most of the female’s hidden details like her Facebook profile or Instagram accounts, that’s not all, if there is any Snapchat account on her name, it will be listed under her report.

Here are the details you can use to locate your partner’s hidden accounts:

  • Her name
  • Cell phone number
  • Email
  • Home address
  • Any username she uses

This is the best way to catch a cheating spouse even if she’s clever enough to expect what you want to do to find her. Once there is any dating account, especially on sites like Tinder or Bumble, that can be a proof sign the wife is cheating on her husband, as there is no reason for a married lady to have secret profiles on these dating apps.

Always verify the details

That being said, please take your time when searching and don’t take action immediately, verify that the accounts she hides are new and not from years ago before you met. That happens, and the woman could be registered for dating apps, then, forget about the site after the marriage. So, that is worth verification even if that requires creating an account for free to see the last seen date or the last activity of that member.

The best way to catch someone cheating is always by using his name and location to find if there is any detail you don’t know about, in many cases, men found their wives with stranger guys thanks to advanced people search tools like the options above.

There is a section that shows the person’s relatives followed by the associates, and these people could be the secret boyfriend she meets within hotels, apartments, or in their own houses and that’s tricky to investigate without searching correctly.

Once there is clear proof of infidelity, you can use the above app to spy on her activity on iPhone or Android and track her location in real-time with GPS and cell phone technologies that happen automatically. Once you see her moving to another building or other location on the map, you’ll have your eyes on her all the time to catch any cheating.


There are many things that cheaters say when confronted, especially ladies, so, be prepared to hear common lies like he’s just an old friend or colleague, or maybe, she was lonely and a family invited her when you were traveling, or she didn’t want to hurt you, and the list goes on just to justify that secret relation of infidelity.

In all cases, we always recommend double-checking every detail, then, look for other information about her and about the man she may be cheating with, then, it’s up to you to decide whether to go for divorce or not, you have the right options to do your research.

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