13 Signs a Man Loves you Deeply (he’s a true lover)

Are you looking for clear signs a man is in love with you? And you have no idea about his real feelings and what’s going on in his mind? So, keep reading. In this guide, I’ll show some signals that indicate your boyfriend, husband, or another guy loves you deeply.

It’s been some time now that you’ve been in a relationship, and that you are mostly satisfied with it. But there’s something that really bothers you and always lingers in the back of your head “Does he love me? Does he not love me? “

It’s clear that he hasn’t said the “L” word yet, and that makes you worried and insecure but don’t worry. We’re here to provide you with sharp evidence that your man loves you deeply even though he didn’t say the magic word.

So here are the main signs that will show you if he’s really in love with you:

Signs he loves you deeply

1. He wants to be around you

If a man really loves you, he will seize every opportunity to be around you. When he says, “I miss you, and I want to see you”, he truly means it, and he will meet you as soon as he can. When you set a date to meet, he shows up. He doesn’t back down or just make up a lame excuse at the last minute.

On the contrary, he’s always the one who prepares and sets dates, he’s the one who’s always keen to see you and spend as much time as possible with you. He loves and enjoys your company. And that’s for sure what a man does when he is head over heels for you.

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2. He calls and texts constantly

This is one of many other signs a man is deeply in love with you through text. So, this happens when you get a call from him during the day telling you anything just to let you know that he’s thinking about you. You will receive a text now and then to show you that even when he’s busy working or with lads, you’re still on his mind. He will send you a joke that reminds him of you or send you links to topics that you like. That’s a clear sign he loves you deeply, my lady.

That being said, you need to be careful if you don’t know that guy too much. You can check if he’s a romance scammer. So, you know for sure if the man is trying to take your money or use you in other ways.

3. He keeps you in the loop

So let’s say that you tried to contact your man, but you couldn’t reach him. It’s been some time since he didn’t reply, and you become so worried, and all these kinds of crazy scenarios are playing through your head.

Then you receive a phone call from him, and he will tell you something like, “Sorry, baby! I was at the bar with my friends and couldn’t hear the phone ringing.” So he’s telling you where his whereabouts are because he knows you will be worried.

Or else he will call you beforehand and inform you that he might not be reached for a couple of hours due to some business arrangements. This for sure shows how much he loves you, and it’s a clear sign he cares deeply about you.

4. He respects you

When a man loves a woman, he will do whatever he can to make her happy. He will ensure that she’s happy and satisfied with him. He will give you the respect that you deserve. He’ll respect you and appreciate you for who you truly are. He won’t impose himself or his decisions and opinions on you. Whenever you have an issue to discuss, he will listen to you carefully and respect your opinions.

So let’s say that you told him about things that you don’t like and make you unhappy, but he keeps doing the same stuff casually. This is, my lady, a red flag because this shows that he doesn’t care about you.
However, if your boyfriend avoids the things that bother you, and instead does the things that make you extra happy and secure. This, on the one hand, shows that he really listens to you when you talk and, on the other hand, that he really cares about you and he’s deeply in love with you.

5. He takes you to his family and friends gatherings

This will happen when you man will seize any opportunity to take you to any family gathering or any friends’ night out. So, he wants to include you in his private circle. He wants his friends and people to love you the way he loves you. He tries to make you comfortable and relaxed around them.

Also, he doesn’t just bring you and ditch you to go hanging with some other people. Whereas he keeps you company the whole night and ensures that you’re enjoying your time. In a nutshell, he’s so serious and crazy about you, and it’s another sign he truly loves you.

6. He Loves and respects your family & your friends

When we love someone, we tend to love everybody and everything they love and care about. So when your man meets your family and friends, he will try his best to impress them. As long as you love your people, making them like him will be his most important mission.
This shows for real how much he loves you and cares about you.

7. You are his priority

When it comes to work, family, friends, and you, he puts you at the top of his priorities, he considers you as his number one priority. You are the most important person in his life, and he shows you that every time you need him.

So let’s say you got sick and you called him in the middle of something important. Believe me, he will drop everything and come running to take care of you. He won’t just say that cliché, “ Oh! I hope you get better soon, and I’ll come to see you whenever I can”. Then, meet up with you only when you recover to avoid all your sickness.

Oh, man! That doesn’t look good at all!

A real lover will keep you company and take care of you until you get better and won’t rest and feel relieved till he sees you in good condition. That’s what a real lover will do. Just keep in mind “For the better and for the worse”. And if he does that, then, you have the signs that he loves you.

8. He’s proud whenever you’re together

When you are hanging out together, he always holds your hand and entwines his fingers with yours. He will always hold you and give you warm fuzzy hugs, the type of hugs that really melts your heart. You will notice how much he’s happy when you are out together and how much he’s proud of you. Thus, you won’t miss out on these signs. You can see it in the way he walks, talks, and looks at you. Just be attentive.

Also, you may notice that your guy never stops expressing his feelings to you, even in bed. Many of these signs tell you that he loves you even when making love. You know that he neglects his phone and doesn’t take care that much about calls, simply because he’s with you.

9. He includes you in his future plans

When you and your boyfriend are talking about your future plans, if your boyfriend uses “We” instead of ” “I“ we’ll do this, we’ll do that, “ then he definitely sets his mind that you’re the one for him and that you are his future.

Sometimes, he may not even think of a plan without asking for your idea, point of view, etc… That’s another sign that your boyfriend loves you.

10. He pays attention to the little details

It’s easy to identify a true lover if you just pay more attention. Thus, if your boyfriend remembers the tiniest details about you, he’s crazy about you. So let’s say he remembers all your anniversaries: the first day you met, your first date, what you were wearing on your first date, your first kiss, the 1st time you had sex, your birthday, etc. OMG! This is a full mark that he loves you from the start.

All these little details are so important to show how much a person adores and appreciates you. When we love someone so deeply, we tend to remember every little detail about them.

11. The way he looks at you

Sometimes you’ll catch him looking at you as if you are the most precious thing in this whole world. And whenever you’re together, when you look into his eyes, you’ll see how much he loves you even though he didn’t say it.

12. He’s your strong rock

You know he’s there for you whenever you need him. You don’t need to hide your feelings. He can feel it when you’re not ok. He’s the only one that can make you feel better. In one word, he’s your haven.

13. His actions say he’s in love with you

So, it’s clear throughout all these signs that your boyfriend is truly in love with you. You need to understand that men tend to show their true feelings by actions, not just words. They are not the emotional type, they indeed have feelings too, but they process them differently than women.

Furthermore, if you find a man who respects you, puts you as a priority, he’s always there for you, he’s a shoulder to lean on, that’s the kind of man that truly loves you (you should keep and hold on to forever).
You don’t have to be insecure. He will say the “I LOVE YOU” part when he’s ready, and believe me, it will be the happiest day of your life.


Therefore, these are the most obvious indications that will confirm whether your boyfriend loves you or not.
So, if your boyfriend shows all these signs of love, just be patient and give him time to confess his love to you.

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